Parsing Script

C# Parser are used to import C# script to uNode.

For using C# Parser you need at least unity 2018.1

Follow the steps below to parse script:

-Import CSharpParse.unitypackage into your project.

-Or by opening menu ‘Tools > uNode > Welcome > Add-ons‘ and click on ‘C# Parser’

-Open PlayerSetting from Unity top menu bar ”Edit/Project Settings/Player”

– Change Scripting Runtime Version to .Net 4.6 Equivalent

-Launched C# Parser from Unity top menu bar ”Tools/uNode/C# Parser”

-In CSharpParser window its have 3 options to parse script from MonoScript(c# assets in project), Source(Paste/Write c# script), or from File(Load c# script from disk).

-When you choose “From MonoScript” you need assign the script asset

-When you choose “From Source” you need write/parse c# script

-When you choose “From File” you need to load c# script file

-Click “Parse” the uNode will be generated and placed in hierarchy

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