Editor Interface

The Graph Editor

Graph Editor can be opened from menu: ‘Tools / uNode / uNode Editor‘.
When you first start the uNode Graph Editor the interface will look like this:

  1. The Tool Bar
    In the Tool Bar you’ll find useful tools and button from debugging, dim the node, lock the selection, preview c#, compiling to c#, hide/show the sidebar, and switch between inspector and tools panel.
  2. The Left Side Panel
    In the left side panel its contains information about how many classes, variables, properties, functions and much more. You can even manage it ex: add/remove the classes, variable, property, function etc on this panel.
  3. The Tab Bar
    The Tab Bar contains a button for opened uNode.
  4. The Deep Bar
    The Deep Bar contains a button for how the deep is in the current graph. The first button is the top level of what root you opened whatever is that functions, constructor, or properties.
  5. The Canvas
    Here is the main part of the editor, the canvas is very powerful graph editor which you can manage node to implement a logic into your games.
  6. The Right Side Panel
    In the right side panel you’ll find 2 options to switch between Inspector or Tools. The inspector let you edit/watch value of selected nodes, classes, variables and so on.  The Tools bring various useful options for which you can use it to change the editor look like, export, import, and some other tools.
  7. The Status Bar
    The Status bar contains information for how many errors you have and the current zoom level.


Command Description Usage
SHIFT + Left Click Inspect Value All
ALT + Left Click Rename variable, property, and function Left Side Panel
CTRL + C Copy selected node Graph
CTRL + V Paste selected node Graph
CTRL + D Duplicate selected node Graph
CTRL + Left Click Add / remove node to / from selections Node
Space bar Open Command : typing to create a nodes Graph
F Frame graph to whole graph or selected node ( Graph ) Graph
SHIFT + Left Click Select nodes Graph
SHIFT + ALT + Left Click Delete nodes Graph
Hold CTRL Invert Enable / Disable Carry Nodes Graph


Item Selector

Item Selector is a searchable menu that lists every node, type, variable, function, or selectable menu available to you in uNode.
It is used for:

  • Adding Nodes: You can open the item selector by right-clicking anywhere in the Graph Editor and select ‘Add Node‘ or ‘Add Node (Set)‘ :
  • Adding New Variable
  • Adding New Property
  • And others that’s related to finding Type, Graph, or a specific menu.

The Item Selector Interface:

You can filter by the item name that’s match to ‘Contains’, ‘Start with’, ‘Equals’, or ‘Ends with’ the search text.
Or filter by Item kind like Function, Variable, Property or Type.

Search Tips

  • Use capital text for quicker search e.g. writing ‘GC‘ if you want to find ‘GetComponent‘. Also it even allowing for partial words, such as ‘GComInC‘ to find ‘GetComponentInChildren
  • Quick array search by typing with endings ‘[]’ e.g. writing ‘str[]‘ will show array of string, or writting ‘str[] get‘ will show a Get method for array of string.


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