uNodeRuntime is a class for run uNode in runtime without generating script however the performance is more slow than generating script but its more easier to debug and its support live editing.

uNodeRuntime class type must be inherited from MonoBehavior or its sub classes. since uNodeRuntime inherit from MonoBehavior its support StateFlow .

uNodeRuntime support class variable, property, class function and StateFlow.

uNodeRuntime is useful for make action, or event for Level its contains mostly feature like you do for generating script but there has some feature that can’t be run in runtime and need to generating the script like modifier, attributes and constructor.

Runtime Limitation (Not generated script):

-For inherited member, only can call inherited from MonoBehavior or uNodeRuntime.


Creating uNodeRuntime

New uNodeRuntime can be created easily, simply select any game object and click Add Component button in the inspector and navigate to uNode and select uNodeRuntime.

Or click create in project and navigate to uNode and click uNodeRuntime

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