C# Class

C# Class is a graph for generating c# classes.

C# Class graphs support variable, and function. Support StateFlow if inherited from MonoBehavior or sub classes.


Creating C# Class Graph

New C# Class graph can be created easily, simply click create in project panel and navigate to uNode and click uNodeClass.

Or by using ‘Create New Graph’ window found on menu ‘Tools’ > ‘uNode’ > ‘Create New Graph’ and change graph type to C# Class:

-Change the ‘Inherit From’ to what you desired, change to ‘MonoBehaviour’ will make the generated script can be attached to Game Object also it allow to use Unity Event ( Start, Update, OnCollision etc..) .

-Change the ‘Namespace‘ to organize your script, see more at: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/Namespaces.html

-Adding more ‘Using Namespaces’ will allows you to use additional libraries that’s exist on your project.

-If you’re done, click on ‘Save’ to save the graph in the project so you can open and edit it.

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