Adding Nodes

There are many ways by which you are able to add a node into the uNode. Each way is described in detail bellow.


Context Menu & ItemSelector

The most immediate ways to add a new node, is either by right clicking in the canvas to bring up the context menu and find the node you want to add.

You can also select Add Node menu to show ItemSelector window, the most of node from this window is dynamically generated from c# script and libraries.

Drag & Drop Objects

Drag and drop any object reference from the scene or the project into the uNode canvas. Depending on what is dragged, a different context menu will popup. This menu will allow you to either add the object as a variable node, or even call, get/set one of it’s methods or properties.

Click on Empty Canvas while connecting

Click a source pin connection and click again into the empty canvas. This will show a context menu or ItemSelector window based on the connection and with relevant nodes to the type of the source pin and also automatically connect the two nodes together as illustrated bellow. This is a time saver and it allows you to explore what can be done with the pin type although it doesn’t cover everything that can be done.

Drag & Drop Variables

An easier way to get or set the variable, is to drag and drop the variable on the canvas.

Drag & Drop Properties

An easier way to get or set the property, is to drag and drop the property on the canvas.

Drag & Drop Functions

An easier way to get or invoke the function, is to drag and drop the function on the canvas.

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