Integrating UnnyNet

UnnyNet adds chat, friends, leaderboards and other social features to your game. 


A simple tutorial for how to integrate UnnyNet with uNode.

This tutorial will using unity UI to open UnnyNet window.

Before you start you’ll need:

  • Unity 2018.1 or higher
  • UnnyNet
  • uNode v1.7 or higher

Setup Scene

Opening UnnyNet

  • Create new empty GameObject
  • Add ‘uNodeRuntime‘ into new object.
  • Open ‘uNode Editor‘ window
  • Right click on the graphs and Add new Custom Event
  • Change event name to ‘OnButtonClick
  • Add new node to open UnnyNet

    To add it right click on the graph and click on ‘Add Node‘ menu and search for ‘OpenUnnyNet‘ and choose item like the image above.
  • Connect event to OpenUnnyNet node.Now let’s call uNode Event with UI Button to Open UnnyNet
  • Select UI Button
  • Add new On Click event
  • Drag & Drop object that have uNode component to the UI Button > On Click event
  • In the Button On Click event change the function to uNodeRuntime > ActivateCustomEvent
  • Change the name of value to ‘OnButtonClick
  • Those steps will like this:

    Congratulation now when you click on the UI Button the UnnyNet window will open.
    Note : you should build for Android or IOS for UnnyNet to work.


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