Powerful Visual Scripting for Unity

uNode is Visual Scripting plugin for Unity 3d. its allows allows empowering artists, designers and programmers to create gameplay mechanics, interactive systems and even C# script without writing a single line of code.

Editor Feature
•Flow Graphs
•State Graphs
•Live Editing
•Runtime Debugging and Script Debugging
•C# Generator
•And much more

C# Generator Feature
•Class: Support modifier, namespace, attributes, interface, and inherit from another class.
•Struct: Support modifier, namespace, attributes, and interface.
•Variable: Support modifier, and attributes.
•Method: Support modifier, attributes, parameter, and generic parameter for Generic Method.

Supported C# Object
•Generic Method
•Generic Types

Supported Type: UnityEngine.Object and its subclasses, and type that supported by FullSerializer will be supported.


•Development Platforms:
uNode runtime fully support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, other platforms are not tested. For generated script its support all platforms that Unity support.

•Works on Unity Pro and Free